Project Type

Brand Identity, Website Design, Social Media Design

Tools Used

Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Wix



For this project I was asked to create a complete look for Sophie’s company Yoga Home.  The project included a new logo with several variations for different use cases, a new website with the integration of a reservation plateform and social media templates for Facebook and Instagram posts.

I met Sophie when I saw one of her flyers in the supermarket and signed up to take her yoga class. I was instantly a fan of her dynamic pedagogic approach and her sunny surfer girl style. At the time Sophie’s branding for her company Yoga Home was basic at best.

Yoga Home, a unique approach to flow

Sophie had put together some flyers in local shops and had a Facebook page that had brought her clients but now she was ready to take things a step further and build a brand that reflected her own unique style of yoga before she transitioned from to a new location along Lac Leman in Haute Savoie.

Sophie had already been giving beginner, intermediate and prenatal yoga classes but planned to add to her offering at her new location. She saw herself potentially giving stand up paddle yoga classes on the lake, theme based workshops and mountain retreats in the Alps. She wanted a new logo and brand identity that would reflect her unique proximity to nature “between the lake and the mountains.”

Natural sunkissed inspiration


In addition to a new visual design Sophie had a few functional aspects that she hoped our work together could achieve. She explained that she often spent time answering phone calls asking questions the same questions about the type of yoga classes she gave and scheduling. A website that contained all of the necessary information that she could point her potential clients to would save her having to repeat the same information over and over again on the phone.

Sophie also expressed frustration with creating her social media content. It had become a major pain point for her, feeling pressure to create content but not knowing how to proceed and streamline the process to save her time. Together we defined the scope of the project to meet her unique needs and prepare her for a fresh new year of classes! 

Project Scope

  • A new brand identity for Yoga Home (including business card and flyer designs)
  • A website with reservation capabilities
  • Custom social media templates and coaching on content planning and production

Before beginning the design process I needed to have as much information as possible. I sent Sophie a questionnaire to gain a better idea of her audience and clients. This included questions about her current audience, her communication methods and the time she would be willing to maintain her website and social accounts. Once I had all the pertinent information I was able to began the design process by analyzing her audience and goals and creating a visual design that reflected the sunset vibe she was looking for with all the functionality her business needed.

A surfer girl vibe

Now it was time for the design part! I began by creating a moodboard for Sophie to include in her project proposal. Sophie liked a surfer vibe inspired by brands like Roxy and Billabong. 

I was inspired by their ad campaigns and graphic t-shirt designs to create Sophie’s logo. Sophie loved the idea and was keen to include the sun mountains and lake in the logo.

The Logo

Yoga Home Sunset Logo
Sunset Wildflower Yoga Home Logo
Yoga Home Anita Sarraf Designs Logo

Since the style of yoga that Yoga Home offered was dynamic and energetic, I choose a color palette that was warm and vibrant and a total shift from the standard yoga branding colors of blues and greens.

A simple typography was chosen to reflect the lines of the logo but with a slight vintage vibe. Imagery of sunset lake and landcapes were chosen that best reflected the oranges and pinks of the brand.

The Website

It was clear from discussing with Sophie that she wanted to be able to update and maintain her website on her own after it’s launch. She had heard about the Wix page builder and felt capable of taking on the task after our work together was complete.


The website style tile

I begin with a wireframe of the site to map out the necessary pages and ensure optimal user experience from page to page. Once Sophie approved the wireframe I moved ahead to create a mockup of the site. Sophie wanted to keep the design clean and fresh so I did just that and created a site with a white background and pops of color. I also used the arc shape present in the logo as a frame for images and graphics on the site.

To incorporate a reservation functionality I embedded a scheduling platform called Fitogram so Sophie’s clients could check the class schedule, reserve a class and pay online. Once all the course information and scheduling was entered the site was ready to go!

The Project Deliverables

In the meantime, Sophie’s new business cards and flyers were ready to display and her season of yoga classes was coming to an end before the summer holiday’s. Sophie planned to reveal her new brand at a Wine & Yoga event she would be hosting. She also planned to communicate more often with her audience through facebook and Instagram using the Canva templates I created for her and planning out her posts on the content calendar I provided.

Sophie was proud to present her brand to new and potential clients and begin a new year of yoga classes with confidence and ease. Yoga Home was all set to start a new year of classes bringing wellness in the outdoors to her community!

Here’s what Sophie had to say about our work together:

Photo Sophie Greiller Yoga Home

“Anita helped me create a visual identity for my yoga school. From the creation of the logo to the website and business card, she listened to my needs every step of the way. I’m completely satisfied with the work she’s done, and I’d highly recommend working with her. Thank you again Anita.”

-Sophie Greiller, Yoga Home